People will have one more reason
to visit your bar and stay for some drinks.

Freely will increase your footfall and get you more customers.

Do you want to have your bar full every day?


  • More customers, higher profits
    Freely will bring new customers to you bar. We offer them a new attractive way to find your bar and spend some time with their friends. Our app will attract people to your door for one free drink and then it’s on you, how long will they stay and spend.
  • Freely is for free
    You don’t have to pay anything for our services. Freely only costs you the ingredients to make the first drink you give away for free.
  • Low-cost marketing
    As our partner bar we will promote you not only in Freely mobile app, but also on our website and through our social media pages.
  • Simple adjustments
    We will set everything up for you. There is also no complicated training needed for your staff. You only choose drinks you would like to offer. Moreover, each bar has its own administrative profile, so you can easily change all the information presented about your venue.
  • Regular statistics and analysis
    We understand how important is to know your customers and that’s why we provide you with regular statistics. Thanks to them you will simply find out which drinks are the most popular, what type of customers you attract and how customers rate your services. This will definitely help you plan your marketing strategy much better!

Join Freely and attract more customers