Get one free drink a day

in the best bars in Prague

1. Download our App

Download our app and get up to 31 drinks for the price of one. For just CZK 169/month you can enjoy one free drink every day!

2. Choose a bar

Choose where you would like to go
from our list of venues.

3. Drink for free

Show our app to the bartender and get your first drink on us. Cheers!


How do I claim my drink?

It’s simple. Just choose a bar from our list, tap on one of the drinks offered and show the screen to the bartender.

Can I get more drinks for free in one day?

No. With Freely app you get one free drink a day. After receiving your drink, you can claim another one the next day after 6 am.

Can I choose from more drinks?

Yes, each bar offers up to 3 drinks.

How much is the membership?

The membership costs CZK 169 a month. Which means you get at least 30 drinks for the price of just one.

How do I cancel my membership?

Just tap on personal settings in the app and select unsubscribe.

Is Freely also in other cities?

No, you can currently get your free drinks in Prague, but we will be soon adding other cities.